1st October 2020: Lapp Mobility GmbH celebrates its first anniversary!

Happy 1st Anniversary Lapp Mobility!

It’s been one year since Lapp Mobility GmbH was founded as a corporate start-up – and we are on course for growth!

Electromobility is picking up speed – despite Corona. And we are also feeling this positive trend! Since we were founded a year ago as a corporate startup, the demand for our charging solutions has been rising continuously, just like our team, which has grown by 12%!

This summer we created a direct channel for our private customers for the first time with our new webshop. Our charging solutions can now finally be ordered online and we look forward to a lively exchange with our customers! New in our portfolio is the Wallbox Light, an ingeniously simple solution for a charging station at home, which can be easily removed and packed into the trunk for charging on the road. Soon our Mobile Charging Station Universal will be available in the store, with which you can connect your vehicle to a household socket, an industrial socket at your employer, at a friend’s and also to various sockets abroad.

In this sense, we work very hard every day to make sure that the future is electric ! We are looking forward to an eventful new year!

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