July 9, 2021: Team spirit and fun at the i-Mobility rally

On Friday, July 9, 2021, Lapp Mobility participated in the i-Mobility Rally. The i-Mobility Rally is organized by Motor Presse Stuttgart and was designed exclusively for vehicles with alternative drives. The aim of the one-day event is to show how future-proof and efficient electric cars and fuel cell cars have become and that charging e-cars is not a problem either.

Three teams with a total of 6 employees from LAPP entered the race at the i-Mobility Rally and experienced an eventful day: “The i-Mobility Rally impressively showed the spectators and us participants how easy, suitable for everyday use and comfortable the exploding electric mobility is in everyday life. We were aware in advance that the vehicles from Audi and Tesla, with their large batteries, were easily suited for this event. But the BMW i3, designed more for urban traffic, was also completely rally-ready. Although the range of the i3 was actually only just sufficient for the task set, we were able to easily master the day and the subsequent drive home via the highway without any restrictions by simply recharging during the break,” says Ralph Porschke, Key Account Manager at Lapp Mobility and rally participant with a BMW i3.

On a 120 km route through the idyllic Enzkreis region near Stuttgart, the teams had to demonstrate their skills in handling their vehicles at numerous stations. “Fun, teamwork and communication played a key role in the i-Mobility Rally,” said Cindy Ciemala, Purchasing employee at Lapp Mobility and driver of an Audi e-tron. “There were great e-vehicles, charging options and other exciting topics related to e-mobility. Here you can see how far electric mobility has actually come – a great event!”

At the end, the fastest and most skilled e-mobilists were crowned at an award ceremony and the participants could look back on an eventful day full of new impressions: “The event was “TOP”! From the in-house organization, to the joint uniform appearance on site, to the rally, a great experience that I will remember very positively! Thank you very much”, says Gordan Volaric, team manager of Facility and Fleet Management at LAPP and driver of the Tesla Model S.

The team received prominent support from Frank Hubbert, Managing Director of Lapp Mobility, who came to the event to personally cheer on the team. His conclusion: “I always like to say that ‘the future is electric’. But with this rally and the participating cars, you can see that it should really be ‘the present is already electric!’”

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