For use on public charging stations and wall boxes.

Cable variants

Standard Charging Cable

The simple solution

Lapp Mode 3 charging cable - Variant smooth

Spiral Charging Cable

The compact variant

Mode 3 charging cable spiral Lapp

Helix Charging Cable

For simple handling

The patented LAPP HELIX is a quickcharge cable that rolls back up to automatically take its original shape after charging is complete. As such, users don’t have to spend time rolling it up by hand – the HELIX is quick and safe to store away.

Rendering of the Mode 3 charging cable

Power variants

Cable typeCurrent strengthVariantCable designCharging power
Smooth, Spiral, Helix32 A1-phase3G6 mm² + 0.5 mm²7,4 kW
Smooth, Spiral, Helix32 A3-phase5G6 mm² + 0,5 mm²22 kW

Connector types

Type 2 coupling Lapp

Type 2 coupling

32 A
Up to 22 kW
IEC certified
Silver-plated contacts

Type 2 connector Lapp

Type 2 connector

32 A
Up to 22 kW
IEC certified
Silver-plated contacts

LAPP charging cables colour variants

Logo and colours

Using custom logos and company colours ensures that the connectors reflect your corporate design, making the charging cable part of your product family.

Heavy Duty Line

The robust HEAVY DUTY connector is suitable for particularly demanding professional applications, e.g. public
charging stations, carsharing or parcel services.

The connector, which is made of solid material and is directly injection moulded, consists of a hard component in the connector and a soft component around
the handle and anti-kink protection, which ensures a secure grip in these areas.

The HEAVY DUTY connector is hazard free, even under extremely high levels of stress. This reduces your maintenance and service costs.

Lapp Mode 3 Heavy Duty
Lapp Mode 3 Design Line

Design Line

The DESIGN connector’s housing consists of three shells, although customised design variations are possible in all
colour combinations.

The light material and slim shape of the DESIGN connector makes it ideal for everyday use in the private sector.


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